Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waterloo RTE - Sat 10/01/11

 I hadn't been able to get away and go ride much since the Markleeville RTE due to a deathly ill mom cat, kittens needing to be bottle fed, kittens getting sick and dying one by one... Ah, well, that is a sad sad story better left for another time...

Anyway, it was a nice day for a little ride to try some BBQ at the Waterloo...

I was not real good about taking pictures or remembering names... It was just good to be out for a few hours.

Trip total: ~172 miles

Markleeville RTE - Sun 09/11/11

Dave, Jay, & I decided to make a camping weekend out of the RTE so on Sat we met at the Starbucks in Angels Camp to ride over Ebbetts Pass to Markleeville and then on to the campground at Grover Hot Springs SP.

On Sun morning we rode to South Lake Tahoe so I could gas up and we stopped for coffee and a light breakfast to kill some time before the RTE. 

On the way back to Markleeville we stopped to take some pictures.

We made it back to Markleeville about 45 minutes early for the RTE so I spent a few minutes walking around the town taking pictures.

Paul (Fireball) arriving on his interesting STeed... It definitely gets noticed.

Jim, Ken (?), Paul, and I shared a table.

Dave, David, Jay, and Vince

After a tasty lunch I headed over to the little market to find some firewood and something easy to fix for dinner... I wanted steaks but settled for cheese, crackers, and salami. As I was leaving the market it started to rain and I was glad I had decided not to go riding the passes with the rest of the guys.

Monday morning it was time to pack up and head for home.

I had my GoPro camera running for the ride through Ebbetts Pass but I have not yet edited the video. When I get that done I will get it uploaded and provide the link. There was still snow on the ground up there... 

I had to stop for this photo op...

Trip total: ~496 miles