Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woodside RTE - 08/21/11 Alice's Restaurant

It turned out to be another nice and not too hot Sunday in the Bay Area - perfect for riding. The plan was for several of us to meet up at the gas station on the corner of Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road & Hwy 9 at 10:15am to ride up to Alice's together. We hit the road with Rudy in the lead at about 10:35am.

Alice's was busy as usual but we were able to snag enough tables around the back to seat us all without having to wait.

Mike, Jay, and Travis (Mike's son) snagged the cozy little table.

John, Vince, and David

At the Harley table: Russ, Lou, Rudy, and Rhonda.

Ben, Dan, Mike (Squirrel Hunter), and Ken

Khris and Mike

After lunch (breakfast for some like me) we visited for bit while Larry gave some of the STeeds some pre-load adjustment TLC.

Dave and Suzie

Flip couldn't make it in time for lunch but he made in time to visit. Unfortunately that was cut short by a work call and he had to go make some money.

Larry working his pre-load magic on one of the STeeds. He fixed up the pre-load for both Mike (aka Squirrel Hunter) and David's STs.

Once Larry was done working his magic Dan led us down Skyline Blvd to Bear Creek Road to Summit Road and onto Hwy 17. Then we took Hwy 1 south to Watsonville, headed toward.... You guessed it! Gizdich! For pie.

Mike (970mike) and his son Travis waiting to order

This time I tried the strawberry shortcake. I was so good. And so big that I could not eat it all, especially after a big lunch. I tried my best though!

Ben and his dad Dan getting ready to head back home to Salinas

Rudy, Mike, and Khris watch while Larry works his magic on Mike's STeed

After goodbyes Larry and I headed over Pacheco Pass to Watsonville Road to Uvas Dam Road and then on toward home. I waved to him as he turned off Hwy 85 and I continued on.

This RTE and pie run was a great one. We had a great turnout with folks coming from Folsom, Berkeley, Fairfield, San Jose, Gilroy, Salinas, Lompoc, Simi Valley, and Yosemite. The weather was excellent as was the food and pie, or shortcake. I can't wait until the next one!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday Area Ride 08/13/11

Saturday was a beautiful day for a backroads ride with new and old friends. We met up at Pete's Coffee on Camden in SJ. After introductions and a cup of coffee Rudy led us on nice ride via the backroads to Uvas Dam. We stopped at a park along the way for a break... and to get a few pictures.

Then we continued south to Hwy 156 east to Gilroy with a short hop south on Hwy 101 to Hwy 25 toward Hollister and then to San Juan Bautista where we stopped for lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant.

Mike - the birthday boy - and Rudy waiting for us girls to get parked.

Janet, Mike, Elin, Rudy, and me

Elin, Rudy, and Rhonda

This was a tostada plate - a half order! I didn't even try to eat it all.

Meet George the rooster, the restaurant mascot. As Rudy says, he is a "cool little pecker of a cock" and he was all about begging for tortilla chips.

After a leisurely lunch we headed along Hwy 129 to Watsonville and on to Gizdich Ranch for some pie.

Once we were finished with our pie we continued the ride over Hwy 156 back toward the twisties taking Old Almaden over the mountains and eventually dropping us back onto Camden Ave and Pete's Coffee.

Sonora RTE 07/30/11 - Outlaws BBQ

Another beautiful and WARM day for a ride. A day of Daves as well...

I met David (#1) from Salinas at the gas station close to my house and we hit the road around 9:30am. The weather started out in the 70s in the bay area and when we arrived in Sonora it was around 97F - only about 15 degrees hotter than my tolerance for heat wants to allow.

The restaurant was pretty busy so we grabbed a few tables where we could.

Dave (#2) from Muir Beach and Jay at their cozy little table for two :)

Dave (#3) from Linden and Jeff... Somehow they got a spacious table for two.

I got to share a table with David (#1), Vince, and Dan

Fortunately for you, dear reader, I did not take photos of my mouth watering baby back ribs... so you will not be tortured by them!

The faithful STeeds awaiting our return.

Jay, Dave (#2), and Vince standing near his STeed formerly owned by Ruben White (RIP).

David and Dan

Gigolo and ST friends trying to soak up some local culture...

After lunch several of the guys went on ride around the area. I headed home as being tired, a full stomach, and hot weather do not make a good rider in the twisties. I made it home by around 5:45pm.

Only later did I find out that Vince had a get-off during their ride. While his prize STeed with the most farkles ever was pretty much totalled he limped away with only a sprained ankle. Thankfully! I am glad I was not there to see the crash, it would have totally freaked me out.

Clearlake RTE 07/16/11 - Mainstreet Bar & Grill

A few of us braved the nice warm weather and headed up to Clearlake for the RTE to welcome Khris back to California. I met Dave just as he merged onto Hwy 101 at the Hwy 1 on/off ramps from Stinson Beach and I followed him up via some nice back roads.

Jeff looking over the menu. Looks like Vince already knows what he wants.

Mike, Dave, and Ken(???). I am sooo terrible with names...

You guessed it! Two more nice guys that I just can't get the names of to stick in my head...

Welcome back to Cali, Khris! Hey! Pay attention!!! I think he heard me say it was nice to finally meet him in person...

The country fried steak and eggs breakfast that was highly recommended by Kim did not disappoint. It was huge and delicious and there was absolutely no way to eat it all!

Some of the STeeds...

Far too soon it was time to go. The warm weather combined with a full tummy and being tired after coming off the graveshift that morning was working against me... I needed to get on my way home before I was too tired to ride. I made my way up to Hwy 20 and then down Hwy 16, stopping at Cache Creek Casino for a spot of coffee with Kim before continuing on home via the boring slab.

I will definitely keep the Mainstreet Bar & Grill in mind for future RTEs.