Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sonora RTE 07/30/11 - Outlaws BBQ

Another beautiful and WARM day for a ride. A day of Daves as well...

I met David (#1) from Salinas at the gas station close to my house and we hit the road around 9:30am. The weather started out in the 70s in the bay area and when we arrived in Sonora it was around 97F - only about 15 degrees hotter than my tolerance for heat wants to allow.

The restaurant was pretty busy so we grabbed a few tables where we could.

Dave (#2) from Muir Beach and Jay at their cozy little table for two :)

Dave (#3) from Linden and Jeff... Somehow they got a spacious table for two.

I got to share a table with David (#1), Vince, and Dan

Fortunately for you, dear reader, I did not take photos of my mouth watering baby back ribs... so you will not be tortured by them!

The faithful STeeds awaiting our return.

Jay, Dave (#2), and Vince standing near his STeed formerly owned by Ruben White (RIP).

David and Dan

Gigolo and ST friends trying to soak up some local culture...

After lunch several of the guys went on ride around the area. I headed home as being tired, a full stomach, and hot weather do not make a good rider in the twisties. I made it home by around 5:45pm.

Only later did I find out that Vince had a get-off during their ride. While his prize STeed with the most farkles ever was pretty much totalled he limped away with only a sprained ankle. Thankfully! I am glad I was not there to see the crash, it would have totally freaked me out.

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