Monday, March 14, 2011

NorCal Tag run 03/13/11

I took Gigolo up to the shop for his 20,000 mile service (really just an oil change) Sunday morning. Since they had Gigolo all done by around 10:30am I decided to keep on heading north to Chico and grab the tag:

I arrived at the tag at about 1:30pm. I would have liked to have had the time to stop for a bite to eat and a tour, but it was starting to rain pretty good as I was putting away my camera and the place was hoppin' with no place to park... So off I went on merry way to set the new tag in Willows:

I passed this along Hwy 45 the way back to Willows and was thinking that I might set the tag there but I liked the Museum better and this may have been really hard to find... although I had taken note of the address just in case:

I stopped in Vacaville at around 3:30pm or so to take a break and upload my tag pictures. Traffic had begun to back up and it was starting to rain pretty good so a rest was really good. After I posted my tag pictures I found out that I had aced Mac out of the tag... About the time he made it to the tag to take his picture I was stopping in Vacaville to post mine. Oops!

I made it home right about 6:00pm, nice and dry in my 'Stich. No sooner than I got inside the sky opened up... Seems the rain followed me home.

Trip total: ~430 miles

Hong Fu RTE 03/12/11

A few pictures from the RTE at Hong Fu in Cupertino. The usual lunch and talk followed by a ride for PIE...

Some people (did I say Larry?) just can't behave in public :)

I don't know what he was taking a picture of... it was supposed to be us but you never know. He had batteries this time though :)

The only food I took a picture of... This had a mix of spicy seafood and vegetables...

Jean-Michel & Jennifer:

Rest break along Watsonville Road...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Armadillo Willy's RTE 02/27/11

After another week of rain and cold, sucky weather that included snow showers in Gilroy, the sun finally came out for us on Sunday for our RTE at Armadillo Willy's in Los Altos. It was a small group this time - myself, Rudy, Flip, Larry, Dan, and Gordon. Five ST1300's and one ST1100 "Porsche".

 Rudy discovers that his camera battery is dead...

Dan and Gordon:

Larry, Dan, Gordon, and Flip:

When we were finished with lunch it was time to ride. We made our way down Almaden Expwy and past Uvas Dam to Hwy 152 and into Watsonville where we stopped for pie at Gizdich... Here's a peek at some of the pies they were slicing up:

This time I had one of the 3 remaining apple dumplings...

Some people had 2 pieces of pie but I won't tell you which Flip and Rudy they were...

Larry and Rudy talking motorcycles

Our faithful STeeds:

After pie we headed down Hwy 1 to Monterey and took a little ride along the coast to Pacific Grove, stopping briefly for a nature break in Monterey. It was a beautiful day to be out and about on our bikes.


We said goodbye to Dan and headed back up Hwy 1 and over Hwy 17 to Larry's house for a little tinkering... Thanks to Larry several of us now have decent preload adjustments.

Another great day filled with riding and pie shared with good friends. There's really nothing more I could ask for... Except maybe to be able to do it again soon!