Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moonshine Lunch Run 2012 - Saturday 04/14/12

The Moonshine Lunch Run had a smaller turnout this year than last year due to nasty, rainy, weather. Even so, there were ~1000 people, ~800 motorcycles, and a total of 1336 moonburgers sold. Not too bad considering.

I arrived around 10:00am and had my moonburger before the masses arrived. Yum. Later on, Uncle Larry treated me to a nice slice of berry pie and home made ice cream made by an Amish family. Double Yum. And it was fun scolding them for being "plyers of evil wares"...

Bob from PA

Mac & Carole

Dinkie from MO


Uncle Larry



Larry & Lexie from NY

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moonshine: Awards Dinner at Richard's Farm Restaurant

Friday 04/13 night was the MLR Awards Dinner at Richard's Farm Restaurant in Casey, IL. With 340 people in attendance, the place was packed.

Khris and Mike visit with Uncle Phil

Mike (yeah, another Mike) taking a picture of me taking a picture of him...

Jay hammin' it up

Mike (yet another) talking to "The War Department"

Dave from Muir Beach... I love that his hair gets helmet-ized like mine & he doesn't care!

Larry & Lexie (inside jacket) stopped by the table to visit

After much food and visiting it was time for the awards... You can tell by the picture that I was thrilled to have to get up in front of everyone and go receive my 1st place distance award... And pose for pictures.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Moonshine: Camping at the Farm

The Hammond Farm:

My home away from home. First of many tents to be put up. There was supposed to be about 50 people camping at the farm but due to the weather (rain), there were a few less.

This was probably a great spot - except for when the drinkers fired up the tractor in the middle of the night on Friday.

Wednesday night around the camp fire with George on marshmallow duty.

Thursday morning around the remains of the fire. It was nice and cold... only in the upper 20's when the early risers awoke. Soon enough the sun helped to remove the chill.

After a bit of breakfast a few of us walked over the family cemetery to pay our respects to Terry. A most peaceful and fitting resting place for such a man.

On the way back we had a little fun with one of the neighbors signs...

Thursday afternoon there was a big BBQ at the farm. About 250 people showed up for it. Most left as the sun started to sink. The rest of us sat around and listened to tall stories by the camp fire again.

Larry & Lexie arrived at the farm Friday afternoon... Not too far ahead of some really good rain and wind.

A few tents took on water during the night. And the wind was blowing so hard that I expected to end up in Kansas by morning. I slept like a baby, all snuggled up and dry in my tent on high ground, and it stayed where it was staked.

Friday night most of us headed to the awards dinner a Richard's Farm Restaurant, where the CA folks stole the glory. Then on Saturday was the Moonshine Lunch Run - in the pouring rain.