Monday, March 14, 2011

NorCal Tag run 03/13/11

I took Gigolo up to the shop for his 20,000 mile service (really just an oil change) Sunday morning. Since they had Gigolo all done by around 10:30am I decided to keep on heading north to Chico and grab the tag:

I arrived at the tag at about 1:30pm. I would have liked to have had the time to stop for a bite to eat and a tour, but it was starting to rain pretty good as I was putting away my camera and the place was hoppin' with no place to park... So off I went on merry way to set the new tag in Willows:

I passed this along Hwy 45 the way back to Willows and was thinking that I might set the tag there but I liked the Museum better and this may have been really hard to find... although I had taken note of the address just in case:

I stopped in Vacaville at around 3:30pm or so to take a break and upload my tag pictures. Traffic had begun to back up and it was starting to rain pretty good so a rest was really good. After I posted my tag pictures I found out that I had aced Mac out of the tag... About the time he made it to the tag to take his picture I was stopping in Vacaville to post mine. Oops!

I made it home right about 6:00pm, nice and dry in my 'Stich. No sooner than I got inside the sky opened up... Seems the rain followed me home.

Trip total: ~430 miles

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