Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CenCal & NorCal Tag Run 04/02/11-04/03/11

Finally we got a nice break in the rain! So Saturday morning Rudy, Gordon, & I set off to move and leap-frog the CenCal and NorCal Tags, stop in Redding for the night at Rudy's uncles farm, and then return home at our leisure on Sunday via whatever route struck our fancy.

The first stop was so Gordon could capture the existing CenCal Tag on Patterson Pass. It was windy and cold, a great place for a wind farm.

Next stop was Vacaville where Gordon set the new tag at the Vacaville Museum, which I captured immediately afterwards.

On to Winters where I set the new tag location at Rotary Park Gazebo and then Rudy captured it...

From Winters we headed up I5 to Hwy 16 and made a stop at Cache Creek Casino for Rudy to set the new tag location, Gordon to make his $20 donation, and for a little coffee break. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures...

This is where we should have found a Starbucks or McDonalds with free wi-fi so that we could upload the tag pictures... but alas, even after being "bruced" out of the tag a few times before, did we stop? Of course not!

After our break was over we continued on Hwy 16 to Hwy 20 to Williams, then back on I5 to Willows where Gordon captured the NorCal tag.

The guys wanted to go check out the raceway so off we went to Thunderhill where Gordon set the new tag location, which I then captured.

A few miles north on I5 I set the new tag location at Library Park and Rudy captured it.

It was time to hit the slab again and get to the farm in Redding in time for dinner. We arrived in Redding at about 6:00pm and decided to stop at the 'Bucks to upload the pictures and have a last cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, we were "bruced" AGAIN on the CenCal tag... It seems that Jeff uploaded his tag pictures  just 10 minutes before we logged on. Maybe this time we will learn! Fortunately, the NorCal tag was still untouched so all was not lost, and Gordon & I uploaded and posted our NorCal tag pictures.

Then we all headed to the farm for the night where we all had fun visiting with Rudy's uncle, aunt, and cousins until the wee hours of the morning. The next morning after coffee and muffins and a bit more visiting we were once again on the road, this time the destination was the final NorCal tag location to be set by Rudy at the Sundial Bridge before making our way home.

On the way home we jumped off of I5 at Williams and headed west on Hwy 20 to Clearlake and then made our way south on Hwy 29 through Napa. It was a beautiful day to be riding and I had intended to be able to post a video of the highlights of the ride but my GoPro camera did not work properly, which is a bummer but not the end of the world.

Trip total: ~614 miles

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