Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CenCal Tag Run Saturday 04/09/11

It was another beautiful day for a ride. I caught a snooze after getting off shift at 6:30am, then hit the road around 11:15am or so. I had planned to be on the road at 10:00am but I had some alarm clock setting problems...

Here's where I captured the CenCal Tag in Sebastopol:

You can't see it but off to the right of Gigolo and toward the back of the field is a little nursery called California Carnivores. Which helps to explain the silly giant man eating plant thingy sitting in the field by the highway. It was a good tag though, interesting and unusual. Just how I like them.

Then I set it in downtown Petaluma:

The traffic in Petaluma was stinky. I had to circle the block a couple of times and finally just pulled up in the red zone to snap the picture. It seemed like all the idiots were out in force looking for parking spaces and blocking everyone else from being able to get around them. 

On the way home I didn't want to go the same route so I took 116 to 37 to Vallejo, then 80 to Hercules where I stopped to have a cup of coffee and upload the tag pictures. I had the gopro camera going and got a nice video of that part of the ride, I just need to edit it a bit before uploading it. 

After coffee I hit the road again, taking 4 to 680. I saw the sign for Sunol and jumped off thinking I could get a little ride on Niles Canyon with the gopro going. Unfortunately, due to operator error I did not get a video but I had a nice ride.

Trip total: ~222 miles

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