Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parkfield RTE 04/10/11

I got an early start leaving home at around 8:30am and headed down Hwy 101 stopping on the way in King City for a coffee and to gas up. I pulled off the road again in San Miguel to start the gopro to see if I could get the ride from there to Parkfield. It was actually a success! Here it is!

I arrived in Parkfield a few minutes early giving me time to walk around and take a few pictures:

A tribute in memory of the Yokut indians who were the first to settle in the area:

These are markers that illustrate the movement on the San Andreas fault line, showing a total of 12.4' between 1931 and 1995 when the markers were erected. The annual rate of movement is listed at ~2.33":

This time the Parkfield Water Company fountain was working:

Soon enough the others began to arrive. First in was Ted from Arroyo Grande:

Shortly afterwards Bob and Bonnie:

Next up Mike the Squirrel Hunter (I smooshed a poor squirrel on the way out in his honor):

Here's David from Salinas:

David checks out Ted's lowered pegs:

L to R: Bob, Bonnie, ??? (sorry I'm terrible with names), and Jerry:

Here's one with Ted (far left):

Bob's best attempt at a Mellow wave:

L to R: Jennifer, Mike, Dan, Jean-Michele, and David:

Thinking of the Moonshine Moonburgers everyone enjoyed at the Moonshine Lunch Run on Saturday, I had the grass fed beef Parkfield burger:

Followed up with the BEST cherry cobbler I have EVER had:

Bob had to try out the hammock...

Group shot after lunch:

Too soon it was time to think of heading home... I decided to follow the Salinas bunch up the backroad to Hwy 25 to Hollister and I was rewarded with an excellent ride - such a nice change from the monotony of the freeway. This time of year the hills are all green and the flowers are in bloom. Just beautiful. I'm still kicking myself for not have the gopro running for this part of the ride.

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