Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CenCal Tag Run Saturday 04/23/11

Another lovely day for a tag run! Not too hot, not too cold - pretty much perfect weather. 

Here I am capturing the old tag in Fiddletown, CA:

Fiddletown is an interesting and quiet historic little town located in Amador county. Founded in 1849 it is California Historic Landmark #35. One of the VP's at a semiconductor company I formerly worked at has a little winery (Morse Wines & Il Gioiello Winery) located in Fiddletown. I would have liked to be able to stop by there to do some tasting... 

After grabbing the tag, I headed down Hwy 49 towards Jamestown, where I had planned to set the tag at an old historic jail house. Along the way I came upon the Butte Store and later decided to use it as the new tag instead.

I had the gopro running for part of the ride down Hwy 49 but I have not edited it as yet. I will do it one of these days soon and add it here. I stopped a couple of other places along the way to snap some photos. 

The welcome to Calaveras County marker:

Here's the Altaville School House in Angels Camp... I almost used it as the new tag:

I decided to stop at the 'Bucks in Angels Camp and upload the tag pictures. Then I made my way back towards home via Hwy 4, stopping to snap this picture for a coworker we all call Farmington (he's from there):

I arrived back in town around 4:30 or so, just in time to stop at Petsmart to pick up some cat litter... Back to reality :)

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