Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woodside RTE - 08/21/11 Alice's Restaurant

It turned out to be another nice and not too hot Sunday in the Bay Area - perfect for riding. The plan was for several of us to meet up at the gas station on the corner of Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road & Hwy 9 at 10:15am to ride up to Alice's together. We hit the road with Rudy in the lead at about 10:35am.

Alice's was busy as usual but we were able to snag enough tables around the back to seat us all without having to wait.

Mike, Jay, and Travis (Mike's son) snagged the cozy little table.

John, Vince, and David

At the Harley table: Russ, Lou, Rudy, and Rhonda.

Ben, Dan, Mike (Squirrel Hunter), and Ken

Khris and Mike

After lunch (breakfast for some like me) we visited for bit while Larry gave some of the STeeds some pre-load adjustment TLC.

Dave and Suzie

Flip couldn't make it in time for lunch but he made in time to visit. Unfortunately that was cut short by a work call and he had to go make some money.

Larry working his pre-load magic on one of the STeeds. He fixed up the pre-load for both Mike (aka Squirrel Hunter) and David's STs.

Once Larry was done working his magic Dan led us down Skyline Blvd to Bear Creek Road to Summit Road and onto Hwy 17. Then we took Hwy 1 south to Watsonville, headed toward.... You guessed it! Gizdich! For pie.

Mike (970mike) and his son Travis waiting to order

This time I tried the strawberry shortcake. I was so good. And so big that I could not eat it all, especially after a big lunch. I tried my best though!

Ben and his dad Dan getting ready to head back home to Salinas

Rudy, Mike, and Khris watch while Larry works his magic on Mike's STeed

After goodbyes Larry and I headed over Pacheco Pass to Watsonville Road to Uvas Dam Road and then on toward home. I waved to him as he turned off Hwy 85 and I continued on.

This RTE and pie run was a great one. We had a great turnout with folks coming from Folsom, Berkeley, Fairfield, San Jose, Gilroy, Salinas, Lompoc, Simi Valley, and Yosemite. The weather was excellent as was the food and pie, or shortcake. I can't wait until the next one!

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