Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday Area Ride 08/13/11

Saturday was a beautiful day for a backroads ride with new and old friends. We met up at Pete's Coffee on Camden in SJ. After introductions and a cup of coffee Rudy led us on nice ride via the backroads to Uvas Dam. We stopped at a park along the way for a break... and to get a few pictures.

Then we continued south to Hwy 156 east to Gilroy with a short hop south on Hwy 101 to Hwy 25 toward Hollister and then to San Juan Bautista where we stopped for lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant.

Mike - the birthday boy - and Rudy waiting for us girls to get parked.

Janet, Mike, Elin, Rudy, and me

Elin, Rudy, and Rhonda

This was a tostada plate - a half order! I didn't even try to eat it all.

Meet George the rooster, the restaurant mascot. As Rudy says, he is a "cool little pecker of a cock" and he was all about begging for tortilla chips.

After a leisurely lunch we headed along Hwy 129 to Watsonville and on to Gizdich Ranch for some pie.

Once we were finished with our pie we continued the ride over Hwy 156 back toward the twisties taking Old Almaden over the mountains and eventually dropping us back onto Camden Ave and Pete's Coffee.

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