Friday, June 10, 2011

Kinetic Grand Championship day 2 Eureka harbor launch 05/29/11

I took a ride up to Eureka after getting off work at 6:30am on Sat 05/28 to catch what I could of the annual Kinetic Grand Championship. Here are a few pictures from the harbor launch in Eureka on Sun 05/29, day 2 of the race. Next year I'm going to try to catch all 3 days...

Fros 'n Peas:

 The Newly Deads:

Woody Endeavor - WASA:

Houston, we have a problem... They were able to eventually get patched up and continue the race!

Piece of Cake:

Attack of the Fun Guys:

Heroes of the Gloryopolis:

Bottom Feeders:


Mr. Fish:

Envision Whirrled Peas:

Tempus Fugit (this years Grand Champions):

Glamorous Gladys (my favorite):

I also ran into a Eureka motorcycle cop working the race, real tough duty:

Ah, but you're not...

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