Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CalSTOC 2011 Oct 21-22

I left work at 6:30am and met up with John in Gilroy at 7:15am to begin the ride down to CalSTOC. We arrived at Jalama Beach for lunch at around 11:30am, just in time for delicious and huge burgers.

The Jalama Beach Cafe:

The famous Jalama Burger was as tasty as advertised:

And the view from our table inside the cafe wasn't too bad either.

After lunch we headed over to River Park to set up camp. This year the park let our group take over the day use area which was very nice and had lots of room for all of our tents.

Bikes parked at Mike & Cindy's house for dinner:

Cindy sure knows how to put on a dinner, the food was excellent and plentiful!

Saturday morning Cindy made us a nice pancake breakfast before everyone took off riding. I decided to tag along with Bob, Ron, and Mike. We had a nice ride around the backroads of Lompoc, Buellton, and Solvang.

We stopped for lunch at the Longhorn Coffee Shop where Corky joined us on his '07 ST1300. He is 80 years young and he can ride. He was trying to talk me into going out dancing...

Corky, Ron, and Bob:

Mike was the only one of us smart enough to park in the shade:

After lunch we headed off for more riding. Here we at a rest stop on Figeroa Mountain Road (a nice long twisty ride) near Cayuma:

Bob humored us and we made a quick stop in Solvang so I could pick up a birthday present for my niece and Mike could check out the Motorcycle Museum.

Then we headed out of Solvang on Alisal Road where Bob and I did a little geocaching before heading back to River Park. There was supposed to be a geocache at the waterfall in Nojoqui Falls Park but it was nowhere to be found.

Considering all the rain we had earlier in the year I was really expecting more water in the waterfall...

We got back to camp in time for Jeff's awesome BBQ. Lots of nice tri-tip, chicken, and sausages...

Howard from Parrumph, NV enjoying his feast. 

Good food, good friends. What more is needed?

Sunday morning after another nice pancake breakfast by Cindy, I packed up the camping gear and headed over to Mike & Cindy's with Ken, who graciously volunteered to help me out with my 32000 mile valve inspection.

Gigolo getting a little blow job to help cool him off...

After Gigolo cooled down the valve inspection was completed and all valve clearances were in spec! 

Mike and Ken putting the plastics back on, with David looking on.

Once they were done buttoning Gigolo up, I said my farewells and thank yous, and then David and I headed towards the bay area on Hwy 1. Somewhere just south of Carmel David had the need for speed and I lost sight of him. I arrived safe and sound at home at around 9:00pm.

Saturdays trip total: ~103 miles
Trip total: ~681 miles


  1. why is gigilo all apart in mikes garage? did something happen or are the valves being adjusted?

  2. Ken was helping me out by doing the valve clearance inspection