Tuesday, January 11, 2011

666STOC, Kingman, AZ, October 8-10, 2010

Early Friday morning Oct 8th, my friend Rudy & I hit the road for Kingman, AZ, to attend our first 666STOC - Rudy on his BMW Rockster and me on my trusty STeed Gigolo. Our goal was to reach Kingman before sunset so we could get our tents set up before dark.

We arrived at George's abode with the sun still up to find a bunch of STeeds already present:

After greetings we got to setting up our tents in George's spacious back yard. We both started at the same time but I have a special Catoma tent that has integrated tent poles for ease of use:

A bit later on we all headed down to the local rib place "Rednecks" for a fantastic meal (the baby back ribs rock):

Saturday morning George & his beautiful wife Deba cooked us up a great breakfast with eggs, bacon, and biscuits complete with OJ and lots of hot coffee.

After breakfast we split into several groups with different destinations in mind to ride to to. Neither Rudy or I had been to Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon before so we made plans to go see Hoover Dam since it was the closest choice. Scott and Jenn from Sierra Vista, AZ decided to join us on our short ride.

We had dam dogs and dam burgers for lunch and then headed back towards Kingman. It was going to be an early day...

Then we saw the sign for Grand Canyon West, where they have the skywalk. It was going really well until the road turned to dirt. 13 miles of dirt, washboard, gravel, sand, and even a nice curvy hill - all of which was far out of my comfort zone. Rudy had his helmet cam going and although most of the footage became corrupted he was able to put together a short movie that shows some of the fun.

We finally made it back to George's place around 8:30pm... The last ones in for the night. The next morning we loaded up and headed back towards home, stopping to take this picture on the way out of town:

Trip total: 1405 miles

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