Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First tag run on Gigolo - 06/08/10

I left the house at 7:30am, stopped at the bank to get some cash, gassed up, and went to have coffee with some friends. Had a little show and tell as well as some slobbering over the new ST... Finally got on the road at around 9:15am. I made it to the Cen Cal tag in Angels camp at 11:15am or so:

I decided to follow Hwy 49 south and keep on the lookout for somewhere interesting to stop for lunch. On my way through Sonora I noticed this train and I thought it might be good for the next tag... Ultimately I decided not to use it because it I wanted to move the tag farther away... But I like the picture so here it is:

Finally at around 1:00pm, I stopped at the Happy Burger diner in Mariposa and wolfed down a guacamole burger with bacon, green chilis, and cheese. YUM. Is amazing how good food is when you are really hungry.

After lunch I headed back towards home, eventually choosing Casa De Fruta as the next tag location.

I pulled into my driveway at 6:25pm, tired and happy.

Trip total: 405 miles

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