Sunday, January 2, 2011

Introducing Gigolo

Even though I had a brand new CBR and couldn't justify spending any more money, the I-want-an-ST-itis would just not subside. I spent hours looking online at ST1100s and ST1300s for sale, trying to figure out to get an ST and be able to keep the CBR. Then I'd come to my senses for a while and decide to wait until next year and revisit it after I saw what the next tax return would bring. I don't know how many times I waffled back and forth between throwing caution to the wind and getting an ST and deciding to wait.

Somehow, I couldn't seem to stop myself. Even though I kept telling myself NO - many, many times NO - it wasn't working. I told myself that I couldn't afford one. That they were too heavy and I'd never be able to pick one up if I dropped it. That I wouldn't be able to get it in and out of my driveway around the car without tipping it over. I was afraid of putting one on the centerstand (still am!)... All to no avail. I always ended up back looking at the ST listings trying to figure out how I could get one now.

Yes, I am totally INSANE!!!

On June 3th, 2010 I found a listing for a used '05 ST1300 that was up at East Bay Motorsports - the same place I bought the CBR. They had it listed a bit high but I had to go check it out. Before I went I did my homework and wrote down everything about what it should cost with tax, license, etc. Then I researched the trade in value of the CBR, the payoff of the loan, what it would cost to fix the damage on the CBR from when I dropped it in the driveway... I researched the nada and kbb values for the ST1300 and the CBR. I even went and got quotes for insurance so it wouldn't be a surprise. Lastly, I wrote myself a little script on how I was going to handle the negotiation and what my deal breakers were so that I could walk away if necessary. Then I made plans to ride up to the dealership the next morning when I got off of work.

When I arrived at the dealership, the ST was sitting outside in front of the building to the left of the doors. It had not been detailed and it looked like it had just returned to from a road trip. There was a major road rash on one of the saddlebags - like you would expect to see if they forgot to lock the bags down and then rode off only to have the bag seperate somewhere along the trip. I was still interested in talking to them about it so I went ahead and went inside. While we were talking the guy had to take a telephone call and that gave me a chance to walk around the showroom. 

All of a sudden a light shone from above... and settled directly  upon a lonely '09 ST1300 sitting in a corner of the showroom.

The rest is pretty much history, I got the '09. I got full trade in for the CBR and they knocked a couple thousand off the price of the ST. I gave them my CBR keys and $4500 cash and financed the balance through Honda with a really good interest rate. While they were detailing it and having their service department check it out I was on the phone having my insurance policy switched over to cover the new STeed. 

Around 3pm I was sitting on the ST on the sidewalk in front of the dealership, sweating bullets, knees shaking, trying to get the courage up to get out in traffic and ride it home... Telling myself I was nuts... As soon as I turned on the key and started moving everything else fell away. I smiled all the way home.

Now it's time for the adventures to begin!

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