Sunday, January 2, 2011

TentSTOC III, Big Basin SP, June 17-19, 2010

TentSTOC III was my first STOC event and I was lucky enough to be of the dis-organizers. Along with planning activities, we took a couple of trips over to Big Basin to talk to the rangers about the group sites and parking concerns, and we took care of reserving the group site.

A shot of Gigolo all loaded up and ready to go:

STOC banner hung up and ready for attendees to sign:

A few of the bikes. At one point on Saturday there were about 22 bikes or so. 

Dan with his "Porsche" ST1100 & Fred with "Veronica" his ST1300:

Jerry and his STeed:

Uncle Larry arrives on his VFR:

Mac arriving on Friday morning:

Dinner time on Friday. Mike, Dave, and John enjoy the tri-tip brought by Dan:

Stoner, Bru & Capone, and Dan relaxing around the campfire:

Mike relaxing around the fire. He was travelling with all the good stuff and cooked up a most excellent breakfast for the group on Saturday morning:

Dave, Greg, and Jay by the campfire:

Rick checking out Dan's ST:

Dave from Muir Beach giving me a wave:

Bob & Bonnie getting ready to go for a ride:

Our little mascot Capone:

A few of us went on a ~200 mile tour of the area Saturday, which included a stop in Corralitos, lunch in San Juan Bautista, and a little ride up Hwy 1 from Pacifica to Monterey. We took this picture for Mellow:

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