Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Parkfield - Polar Bear - RTE 01/01/11

It was a rainy day for the Parkfield RTE and while many stayed nestled in the comfort of their nice warm homes, the Rudester and I donned our gear and hit the road. No way could we miss the first RTE of the year!

On the way to Parkfield we made a quick side trip to Bradley so Rudy could grab the current CenCal tag:

We arrived at The Grill at just about 12 noon, right on time, the others were waiting for us. Plenty of parking was to be found due to the weather so I decided to park for the photo op.

Rudester and his beemer... 

Look up and see all the brands:

After lunch (some of us like Rudy had 2) there was cobbler!

 On the way home we stopped off in San Juan Bautista so Rudy could set the new CenCal tag at the VFW Post:

Trip total: ~365 miles

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